Dec 17, 2021

Compressor location

Extending the life of a compressor starts with putting it in the right place.


There are details as simple as this that, if we do not take them into account, can cause breakdowns and loss of longevity of the machines. Therefore, to gain efficiency, reliability and effectiveness, the following site recommendations should be followed:


  • Place in a clean, cool, dry and ventilated place with cross ventilation. It should also be covered to protect electrical parts and materials.

  • Maintain a distance of at least 50 cm from the wall on all sides, as the compressor needs ventilation.

  • Our compressors have height-adjustable anti-vibration feet to level the compressor, leaving it completely horizontal, and to stop the vibrations it produces. In addition, the compressor should be installed as low as possible so that its centre of gravity does not rise too high.


In addition, if the installation is in a compressor room::


  • Have an electric fan to extract the hot air.

  • The air inlet should be in the lowest area, to provide cooler air, and the outlet should be at the top of the room, for hot air.