Dec 16, 2019

Josval & Sports

Josval Compressors everyday is more involved in the participation of sports, and in the same way, their employees are. The growth of a healthy life together with the sport is taking part more and more, and Josval would not be less.




For the first time, Josval Compressors participated in the ESIC Business race. This race took place the last 15th of December in Zaragoza. Besides the huge participation that it was, this type of race inspires every enterprises to encourage values like effort, sacrifice, spirit of achivement, team work and of course, sport.


On the other hand, Josval also takes part of a basketball team named “Josval Romareda”. It is a team where employees and non-employees get together to train and compete in one league of Zaragoza.



On December 16th, Agustín Tafalla, the captain of the team, was awarded with a trophy for his spirit in the social league. This recognition was granted by the Aragonese Basketball Federation which recoginises a lifetime of basketball. Agustín was one of the founders of the “Josval Romareda” team category. A part from that, for more than 20 years he has been the recognizable manager of the Federation.