Feb 18, 2022


Adequate maintenance on our compressors carried out with consumables approved by the manufacturer and within the recommended periods, “guarantees the absence of incidents, greater longevity and greater energy savings”, explains our technical team.

At Compresores JOSVAL we offer you a team of highly trained, experienced and equipped professionals who will guarantee the minimum execution times, both in preventive and corrective assistance.

Our staff will guide you in order to carry out optimum maintenance. In addition, in each particular case with the user “we can advise you on more specific things such as where to place it in the right place, if it needs more cooling, if the ventilation is adequate…” says one of our technicians.

The original JOSVAL consumables approved for each piece of equipment have been designed, built and tested to provide maximum reliability, performance, protection and energy savings. They comply with the established standards in terms of filtration level, oil pressure and oil volume, offering better filtering and greater durability.

In the case of air/oil separator filters, they perform the important function of separating oil droplets suspended in the compressed air and redirecting the separated oil back to the compressor lubrication circuit. The original JOSVAL separator filters have been specifically designed for each of our compressor ranges, thus guaranteeing the highest possible efficiency in air/oil separation in each of the models.

In addition, the different particles suspended in the air (sand dust, coal, cement, metallic dust…) and other impurities suspended in the ambient air can deteriorate your compressor, which is why JOSVAL anti-dust filters will adequately protect your equipment, avoiding the undesirable effects of premature wear and tear and breakdowns that these elements can generate.

Original consumables offer a longer life to our compressor, but routine checks are also key. Our technicians advise “periodic checks of its condition and regular purging of the tank”, and ensure that “keeping it clean prevents deterioration”.

When there has not been proper maintenance, faults or deficiencies can be found that a qualified technician could have detected in time.

Remember that following the maintenance protocols established by the manufacturer for each model will extend its useful life, generate maximum energy savings and prevent foreseeable incidents that are usually inopportune as they are generated, logically, when the equipment is working.