Aug 9, 2023

Protect your compressor from high temperatures

Summer is an aggressive time for air compressors and compressed air installations, as high temperatures can cause costly breakdowns or aggravate existing ones. It is essential to take preventive measures to properly protect and maintain this equipment, ensuring optimum performance and prolonging its service life.
What can cause our compressor to overheat?
In addition to the summer heat, there are other factors that can worsen this situation. In order not to reach high temperatures, the compressor must be well ventilated, so if the hot air from the operation of the machine is not well dissipated, we can generate a breakdown.
Poor foresight in maintenance can cause us to encounter other inconveniences that we could have avoided. For example, a key factor is the condition of the oil. With the passage of time and use, oil loses its properties, and this can accelerate component wear.
If you notice that your air compressor is acting unusually, or it won’t start at all, it is advisable to check both the equipment and the installation.

How do we protect the compressor from heat and high temperatures?

  1. The compressor should always be located in a well-ventilated place with sufficient space around it. In addition, avoid placing it close to additional heat sources, such as engines, boilers or radiators.
  2. Periodically inspect and clean the air filters and compressor coolers. Accumulation of dust and dirt can reduce the cooling efficiency of the equipment.
  3. We have already discussed the importance of lubricating oil. Regularly check and change the compressor oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Make sure you use the right type of oil and keep it at the correct level.
  4. The installation of thermal protection devices, such as temperature switches, which automatically switch off the compressor in case of overheating, is recommended.
  5. Establish a preventive maintenance plan that includes regular inspections, adjustments and replacement of worn parts. A proper maintenance programme can help identify and resolve potential problems before they become costly breakdowns.