The most complete and effective solution for those applications where there is no electricity supply (mobile workshops, agricultural activities,...)

Some models are also ideal for moving on any type of terrain thanks to their pneumatic wheels.



  • Special mobile workshops.
  • Honda gasoline engine.
  • Electric start by battery (included in all models).
  • Smoke evacuation tube (13HP models).
  • High performance electric generator (SINGLE and TOP-SH- models).
  • 50 liter capacity tank.
  • Four outlets with quick plug:
    • 1x Direct for universal connector.
    • 1x Direct for 3/8” pitch connector.
    • 1x Regulated and filtered for universal connector.
    • 1x Regulated, filtered and greased for 3/8” pitch connector.
  • Ergonomic design ideal for vans and mobile workshops


The tanks that incorporate these compressors are manufactured according to the European directives 2014/29/EU2014/68/EU.

Compressors whose maximum pressure is 10 bar are factory-regulated at a standard pressure of 6 bar minimum and 8 bar maximum.

Compressors whose maximum pressure is 14 bar are factory-regulated at a standard pressure of 10 bar minimum and 12 bar maximum.

The models of the MOBIL C SERIES optionally have:

  • Optional single-phase 6 Kva generator. 13 HP models only.
  • Idle function optional.

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