This catalogue price list replaces all previous lists and is valid until the publication of a new one. The price indicated does not include VAT.

Shipments will be carried out from our warehouse and freight is to be prepaid by the purchaser, as well as any costs associated with the return of the goods.

It is the obligation of the buyer to thoroughly review the goods at the time of its receipt and check its condition, as well as notify in writing to the carrier and to Compresores JOSVAL, S.L. any damage suffered during the transport within 24 hours of its receipt. Past this time, Compresores JOSVAL, S.L. cannot accept any warranty claim regarding transport damages.

These terms may be subject to change without notice and shall be construed as fully accepted with the confirmation of the order.

Technical data and photographs may be changed without notice and without obligation for Compresores JOSVAL, S.L.



The warranty refers only to the faults or defects that may be attributable to the manufacturer, its period of validity being for 1 year from the date of sale of the machine.

The warranty does not cover any damages due to incorrect installation or improper maintenance of the equipment, which we have not addressed in the instructions expressed in the manufacturer’s manual.

The warranty is declared null with any modification made to the compressor without the express permission of JOSVAL, and also, the use of non-original JOSVAL parts will result in the loss of warranty.

Not included in the warranty are the replacement of parts and materials due to wear or supplies (maintenance), as well as motors or other electrical/electronic components and electrical/electronic equipment.

Warranty claims must be filed immediately after the defect is observed, with a detailed written report of the defect.

All cost incurred by demands of the warranty which prove to be irrelevant, shall be assumed by the buyer.

Repairs covered by the warranty will be provided in our facilities, being that all costs associated with travel or transport are incurred by the customer.

Damaged parts or faulty items should be sent with postage paid to JOSVAL, who will then consider and determine whether or not the warranty claim is valid.

JOSVAL, when fulfilling a warranty claim, will decide to repair the defects or replace defective parts.

The parts replaced under warranty have a validity period of 6 months following their replacement.

This warranty excludes any condition that has not been expressly given.