lis 20, 2021

Art industry


On November it was celebrated XII international Symposium on alabaster sculpture.


JOSVAL Compressors has been participating supplying the compressed air needed for the different tools that the artists used.

The spectacle was enjoyed as the artists were sculpting with any type of tolos, like one of our Silentium compressors. It took place in one of the squares of Albalate del Arzobispo (Zaragoza), Spain. In this act ten artists from six different countries and the locals had exchanged knowledge and artist experiences. With other collaborators, we have involved in order that the proyect could be done, and with the objective to promote the alabaster material.


The symposium was won by Lara Steffe, an Italian artist, with her piece “And the dawn vibrates”.

It can be affirmed that art broke into the streets of the municipality during those days.