After several years of learning the trade of mechanics and participating in the founding of one of the most important Spanish companies in the early 50s, dedicated to brake systems for trucks, Valentin and José pushed by their great involvement and ability to look forward, decided to undertake a new business account located in the city of Zaragoza. Josval was born, with an initial emphasis on repair and maintenance of brakes and engines for trucks and buses.

In no time, the first facilities were too small as the line of trucks and buses waiting, occupying the entire street, so the need for expansion came early. Moreover, Valentin and José intended to make their own provisions and design for brakes and. opted for an even bigger challenge, i.e. being manufacturers.

Guided by a practical sense, both entrepreneurs embarked on the acquisition of land for constructing what in future should be the current Headquarters of the COMPANY. An Industrial Area designed during the late 60s, but from where José Lorén Laudo is very clear to proceed with manufacturing systems.

Pedals, servos, actuators, valves, brake release, piston sets, collars, coupling heads, pressure tanks, compressors and piston heads started to be manufactured with a proper design, taking advantage of the growth of firms like Barreiros, Pegaso , and pushing the development of more and more models.

Under the tutelage of Jose Lorén, after the loss of his partner and best friend, joined the company a new generation of the Lorén family, with the same DNA, and the spirit of its founders: to maintain a line of superior quality to its competitors and at a fair price. 


More than 25.000 m2, 63 years of history and experience, hundreds of thousands of piston compressors, screw compressors and tanks delivered, attest to the excellence of the company, which sees many of its competitors fall in the domestic market, due to the strong entry from the late 70s competitors proceeding from foreign countries.

That first workshop, presented today as the unique Spanish manufacturer of small and medium power air compressors, with large national presence, has managed the brand born of Jose and Valentin, JOSVAL, and is automatically identified as a symbol of QUALITY. A company looking into the future with great expectations and maintaining the lines of work based on the same prerogative that the founder has instilled in his children: Quality, Availability and Service.

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Aware of the quickly changing market that the industry in recent years has been experiencing, and spurred by the long and deep crisis, Compresores JOSVAL understands and seeks a natural expansion to other countries.

Therefore JOSVAL presents a catalogue that meets the needs of the majority of the market, after investing and developing new and better ranges for vendor essential for those seeking quality. And because the compressed air has an energy impact and should be treated as such, JOSVAL complies perfectly with the necessary factors, offering a great profitability for reliability and high production which makes the price minimally impacting costs for product users JOSVAL.

In Josval we do because it is in our DNA