The CIERZO series covers the most competitive range of piston compressors.

Mainly focused on hobby or semi-professional use, they are the perfect solution for those looking for an economical compressor while maintaining the highest level of quality.


CIERZO PROFESIONAL compressors are ideal for those looking for the perfect solution that combines simple installation and handling as well as economical maintenance for their usual workplace. They are driven by belts and you can find three-phase models with a horizontal deposit or with a vertical deposit.


  • Cast iron cylinder that prolongs its useful life and performance.
  • Widely dimensioned fins for greater cooling.
  • Double-supported cast crankshaft for greater stability.
  • Reed valve plate with multiple air passages that provide a higher flow rate.
  • Oversized pulley for optimal head cooling.
  • High efficiency air filter.
  • Operation at low R.P.M. with low noise level.
  • Thermal pressure switch .
  • Final cooler collector to improve thermal performance.

Compressors whose maximum pressure is 10 bar are factory-regulated at a standard pressure of 6 bar minimum and 8 bar maximum.

The three-phase compressors requested at 230v will have an increase in the price.

+ Information

    5209196C-4/270 4327022109805003050014905201100123
    5219078C-5,5/100 5,54902210120061236,7612104044098095
    5219199C-5,5/270 5,542702210120061236,761214905201100131
    5219208C-5,5/500-D*** 2x5,52x4500421012002x6122x36,72x61220006501350278
    5219248C-V5,5/270 2E 5,542702210120061236,76128206001840131
    5229070C-7,5/100-AUT* 7,55,5902210120082049,2820104044098098
    5229079C-7,5/100 7,55,5902210120082049,2820104044098098
    5229195C-7,5/270-A** 7,55,52702210120082049,282015706001280154
    5229199C-7,5/270 7,55,52702210120082049,282015706001280154
    5229209C-7,5/500-D*** 2x7,52x5,5500421012002x8202x49,22x82020006501350298
    5229219C-7,5/500 7,55,55002210120082049,282020006501350206
    5229225C-7,5/500-A** 7,55,55002210120082049,282020006501350214
    5239209C-10/270-AW**** 107,52702210985110066110015706501280160
    5239219C-10/500 107,550022101250123073,8123020006501350211
    5239225C-10/500-A** 107,550022101250123073,8123020006501350219

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