With a power range from 7.5 to 60 HP, the IBERUS series screw compressors are the evolution of our proven MISTRAL range, maintaining its interior structure and high quality, renewing the exterior aesthetics, and improving its performance and connectivity. with Industry 4.0 solutions.

The IBERUS series rotary compressors incorporate a single-stage rotor block with asymmetrical screws mounted on bearings. Its drive is carried out by means of an asynchronous three-phase electric motor with IP 55/F-B protection, through trapezoidal belts. This transmission system offers great reliability and low noise level.


  • High output, reliable, compact and robust compressor.
  • Easy and quick access. Inexpensive maintenance.
  • Electric MOTOR with low consumption, high efficiency IE3 and S1 service.
  • Soft starter.
  • Variable speed drive (optional).
  • Control board that incorporates:
    • Control of the direction of rotation of the rotor.
    • Temperature measurement and control.
    • Possibility of remote or local control.
    • Language selection (Spanish/English).
    • Multi control function (up to 16 compressors).
    • Protection system against blockage, phase failure, short circuits, imbalance and overload of the electric motor.
    • Control menu: start, stop and motor operation.
    • Time programming (calendar).
    • Pressure programming.
    • Integration in SCADA.

Availability of special dust filters (quarries, cement, etc.).

Consult price according to model.


Start-up system by soft start of the electric motor, providing considerable savings in electrical consumption since it eliminates the intensity peaks produced at start-up, and in turn, prolongs the useful life of the compressor transmission elements.


Double starting system that incorporates a Variable Speed ​​Drive and a complete star-delta starter for those situations in which, due to a failure of the drive or having a not entirely stable electrical supply, the compressor can provide service in on/off mode. Said DUAL PLUG security system is included in the price of our IBERUS that incorporate a Variable Speed ​​Drive.


Controlled through an electronic board, variable speed drives are devices that allow modulating the energy received by the motor. They allow smooth, progressive starts without jumps. They achieve great savings in electricity consumption by making the motor vary its workload depending on the actual air demand at all times.

In the event of a complete installation of a compressor with air treatment, the equipment would consist of an IBERUS compressor, an SCC series cyclone condensate separator, an accumulator tank, a FEP series particle separator filter and an EDS series refrigerant dryer with by-pass. .

In companies with highly variable air consumption, it is necessary to adapt the compressor charging time to the real air demands of the company at all times. To this end, JOSVAL equips its IBERUS-VV series with a speed variator (Inverter), which corrects the revolutions of the electric motor, ensuring that the compressor generates only the air that needs to be supplied to the work points.


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