BRISA Series

Soundproof compressors that are easy to assemble and install.

Plug and play.

They are low-maintenance and are ideal for urban areas where neighbors may be disturbed, or in areas where there is no designated site and noise may be a problem.


  • Head of the CLASSIC series.
  • NEW: Injected aluminum pulleys with Double Wind Geometry-NACA profile that provide a 28% increase in head cooling.
  • Electric MOTOR with low consumption and high performance. S1 service.
  • Interior TANK with a capacity of 90 liters (from 50 liters to 3 HP).
  • Economic maintenance.
  • PLUG & PLAY, very simple installation, plug and play.
  • Special ANTI-VIBRATION rubber pads.

The tanks that incorporate these compressors are made
according to European directives 2009/105/CE, 97/23/CE and 2014/29/EU.

In the event of a complete installation of a compressor with air treatment, the equipment would consist of a BRISA PLUS compressor, a FEP series particle separator filter and an EDS series (or REDE with BRISA series) refrigerant dryer.

Air flow according to ISO 1217 standard.

Sound level according to CAGI-PNEUROP test code, measurement in the open air, at a distance of 1 m.

Compressors whose maximum pressure is 10 bar are factory-regulated at a standard pressure of 6 bar minimum and 8 bar maximum. Those of 15 bar are regulated from 10 to 12 bar.

+ Information

    5088141BRISA 310M 21,55021131092031018,661740465970112
    5098141BRISA 400M 32,2502214009204002465740465970127
    5188143BRISA 310 21,550213310113531018,661740465970112
    5198143BRISA 400 32,25022340011354002465740465970127

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