The CLASSIC series compressors are the standard of JOSVAL Compressors.

The result of more than 50 years of experience in the sector, they are probably the most robust, most reliable compressors, and with the highest air flow on the market.


  • CAST CYLINDER of superior hardness that prolongs its useful life
    and its performance.
  • Widely dimensioned FINS for greater cooling.
  • CRANKSHAFT made of double-supported cast iron for greater stability
    and dynamically balanced.
  • VALVE PLATE made of stainless steel sheets, with greater resistance
    to temperatures and corrosion, which provide a higher flow rate.
  • One-piece stamped CONNECTING RODS, mounted on needle roller bearings
    that guarantee less friction, greater performance and less vibration.
  • CRANKCASE made of injected aluminum for better thermal evacuation.
  • NEW: Injected aluminum pulleys with Double Wind Geometry-NACA profile that provide a 25% increase in head cooling.
  • LOW consumption, high efficiency ELECTRIC MOTOR IE2 and IE3 (depending on models) and S1 service.
  • Thermal PRESSURE SWITCH (only three-phase models).

To all these characteristics we must add that the machining and assembly processes are carried out with the greatest care, thereby achieving extreme tolerances that provide us with better head performance and total reliability.

Special for painting: the model MC-MLC-25/AUT compressor is equipped with an automatic valve for continuous operation and on/off switch. It is recommended for intensive painting or gotelé work.

Availability of special dust filters (quarries, cement, etc.).

Consult price according to model.

  • The CLASSIC series piston compressors incorporate a high-performance and robust head, twin-cylinder with 1 or 2 stages and electronically balanced.
  • Compressors with tanks from 25 to 150 liters are portable and equipped with wheels. From 200 liters they are static.
  • The tanks are manufactured according to the European directives 2009/105/CE, 97/23/CE and 2014/29/EU
  • For correct operation, the compressors of this series must be installed on the CORRECTLY LEVEL anti-vibration pads that are supplied with the compressor (included in the price). In addition, for cooling reasons, a minimum distance of 50 cm must be kept from the nearest wall and check the correct direction of rotation indicated by the red arrow located on the belt protector.

To carry out the air treatment of a CLASSIC series compressor, we will need a refrigerant dryer with a built-in refrigerator of the series
REDE and we recommend the use of a particle separator filter from the FEP series.

Compressors whose maximum pressure is 10 bar are factory-regulated at a standard pressure of 7 bar minimum and 9 bar maximum. Those of 15 bar are regulated from 10 to 12 bar.

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